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Month: October, 2014

gallery openings

I don’t have any shots of glamourous gallery openings.This is not about my “career”- I don’t have one – vocation is a word I prefer. These posts are about the physical process of making sculpture. Rather than showing the finished product in a gallery somewhere , I want to show the daily grind of following this twisting path; the disapointments and dead ends and, hopefully, something about the joy and excitement that  keep me coming back to the workshop.

But…… having said all that – I did go to a glamourous opening last week. It was my old friend Lazar Krum, who I’ve known since art school, at Tacit Contemoprary Art,312 Johnston St. Abbotsford.It’s on till 9th November.Here,s a photo

Me, Lazar and David

Me, Lazar and David





adventures with a mold

These photos show the development of a mold I made to shape copper sheet into a part for the current work. It starte out as a piece of square steel bar and a handfull of old bolts. Like so-


Then, through the magic of welding and hours of grinding, it turns into this –



But then, after I had looked at it for a while, ( a day or so ) I changed tack and began making the part out of copper plate and the mold goes into my collection of unused moulds.


Here is the beginning of the new part, with the mould above it, and the part it will hopefully fit on above that


Here’s the finished piece, you can see how it has all come togethter. Who knows what it would have been like if I had continued with the mould?



Parts Fabrication

Here are a pair of photos showing how parts are built up from smaller component parts made in the workshop.This post is a bit out of sequence as I forgot to put it in earlier – sorry.IMG_0713
IMG_0708These individual parts were made using the lathe, milling machine, drill press, bandsaw, linisher, polisher, a few air grinders and files. A bit of heat was required to make a few bends and braze some bits together. It takes a long time, and changes are being made as things progress. It can be a bit frustrating, in that I am often working on things that I  thought up days, sometimes weeks ago. But in spite of that, there is nothing else I would rather be doing – most of the time.

Workbench Chaos

bench topThis is what my workbench looks like today. Stuff everywhere.

But the piece is going well and nearing completion so it’s not all bad.

Back to the other one

IMG_0694 Here is the result of last weeks little effort in the shed. It is probably a bit hard to work out, maybe the second photo, which shows the part fitted into the main body of the sculpture will make more sense. I have gone back to the piece I was building in tandem with the last one, before the last one took over. I’m not sure what is going on at the moment with this one, and this is a stage I often get to. Hopefully I will be able to resolve it as things progress, but there are no guarantees.IMG_0696IMG_0680