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Month: November, 2014


Bendigo show

Here is all my stuff for the Bendigo exhibition ( see coming events page) packed into the ute. I find setting up exhibitions a bit of a chore, particularly so in this case as I got the date wrong and loaded everything up a week early, then had to unload it all again.

I have been giving the two sculptures their final polish (another chore) before being assembled, hopefully for the last time. I will have photos of them for the next post.

The final polish

The final polish

What is this thing ?



Miniature mace? ritual cult fetish object? wierd knuckle duster ( I hope not! ). I’m not sure what category it fits into – perhaps the three dimensional equivalent of a doodle. I made the globe part of it months ago and it hes been rolling around the benchtop ever since. Then something clicked,  I stopped what I was doing and started machining slots in a bit of bar with the milling machine.Then the bar was tapered on the lathe, heated, twisted and gouged with the flexible shaft drive tool. Three little brackets were cut out, fitted into the machined slots and the whole thing was joined with copper rivets.

It was the sight of these rivets lying on the bench which precipitated this little excercise.