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Month: December, 2014

new mould – new beginings


The new mould, made from four bits of steel and cast iron bolted together, pregnant with possibilities and hope, the start of a new sculpture.


2 mm copper sheet has been formed around the mould and brass square rods are heated and bent around on top of the copper.


The brass rods are drilled, tapped, and screwed together.


One side is bolted up and the other side has begun.

I have had a few interruptions lately and not just the usual Christmas follies. We have had quite a run of fires in our area and as a member of the local brigade I have found myself bouncing around the bush in the fire truck far more than I would have expected. I’m hoping to get an uniterrupted spell in the shed soon but it’s not looking very pomising at this stage.

Little feet

Following on from the “foot’ for The Real One, Here is the tale of a similar foot for The Chosen One


You can see a solid block of alluminium on the left and the roughed out foot on the right, thanks to the magic of the milling machine with a ball nosed cutter, centre. Below is a shot of  the two sculptures side by side. You might notice that they have aquired little aluminium oval baseplates, which I was hoping to avoid but I suppose I’ve come to accept as a necessary compromise.



The Wedge


Here are the two completed works as promised last time. I say completed but only relatively so. I’m still fiddling around with the way they actually connect with the surface. It’s the age old problem in sculpture –  the base. In the past I have tried to deal with this in various ways. Some earlier works were suspended from some kind of davit, while others were placed on a hemisphere, each with varying degrees of success. I did think I had bypassed this with these two and that they would just sit there, but they proved to be too  unstable. You can see a bit of brass wedging the front of The Real One.

The Chosen one

The Chosen one

The Real One

The Real One

Here’s a shot of what might be the solution as far as The Real One goes.