Trefor Prest Sculpture

the process of making my sculpture

Month: January, 2015

Formless gloom

I’m struggling with this piece, it’s just not coming together in the way I thought it would.Most of them come to this point at some stage and I have learned to allow them to come out in their own way and not try to force things with my own preconceived ideas.


These are the component parts I made for the “head”.



And this is how I left it this evening, slowly emerging from the formless gloom.


Another way of forming

I have been banging on about moulds a bit lately, but forms can be developed without moulds. I have been doing this to make the hinged outer half skin for the current folly.


First a piece of 2mm brass sheet is roughly cut to size and annealed by heating to red heat and allowing to cool.


The first few hammer blows start to dish the metal into shape.


Beating the brass over a dolly stretches the metal.


Whilst beating into a negative form tends to shrink it , idealy using the wooden mallet on the bench.


This is what you end up with, after hours of hammering and anealling a few more times, not to mention the sore fingers and aching hands.


Here the hinges have been fabricated and fitted

Exit Mould

The new piece continues apace.


Both sides have been bent around the mould and have been screwed together. The initial shaping has been started with grinders, air tools and files.


This is the copper “sternum” cover which has been hammered and punched around the brass ribs.


These are all the parts to date. The brass part with the two holes holds the two halves together, once the mould has gone.