pre festival goings on

I have not posted anything for some time. I have had to stop work on sculpture in order to do a bit of maintainence on the workshop. I had realised for some time that termites had got into the roof timbers and decided that it was time to do something about it. I took off the corrugated iron over the affected area and replaced the damaged timber with steel purlins. Then I screwed on new roofing iron, using the older stuff to repair the north wall.

Of course all this took much longer than I anticipated, and to top it off we were hit with a severe storm which battered the shed, breaking windows, ripping off gutters, and scattering my lovely new roofing iron all over the place.

Everything is pretty much back in place now and we are almost ready for the Castlemaine State Festival which starts this weekend. We are having an open studio (see coming events page).

I have managed to squeeze a bit of time in for the little sculpture . Here it is, close to finished, I am still refining the aluminium stand it hangs from.