Trefor Prest Sculpture

the process of making my sculpture

Month: April, 2015

new piece begins

After some procrastination and delays I think I can say that a new piece of work has begun it’s journey from the formless mists. Poor little thing, it’s unlikely to have an easy birth and will probraly be subjected to some fairly severe surgery before it sheds its umbilical cord. Of course, it may not survive, but for now it is the focus of my attention and hopes.

A sheet of copper has been fomed over the mould and trimmed

shape and form

The copper form removed from the mould, showing the slot which will hold the brass rod which will pass through the two holes.

Post Festival follies

The 20th Castlemaine State festival has come and gone. It was a busy time for us, with probrably more visitors than in previous festivals ( we lost count ). Fortunately there were a few sales but  as always it was meeting so many interesting and interested people that was the biggest reward.

festival  IMG_2409

Unfortunately I didn’t get any shots of the milling crowds of glittering celebrities so these will have to do.

Since then I have busied myself with making a new base for an old sculpture,”Red Veil”, 1987. It was on a bulky steel plinth that I was never happy with so I made a small alluminium one which turned out to be quite an engineering exercise and perhaps only a slight improvement (the eternal problem of the base!)

al base  red veil

I have finished the last piece though and it has a name – “Echo”, here it is

Echo#2  Echo#3