Trefor Prest Sculpture

the process of making my sculpture

Month: June, 2015


Here it is, finished. Although I might put in a part I have made which lifts the brass dome about an inch.


It’s got a name now,”Easy”

Hanging around like plasticine

I have had a few interruptions lately, including preparing and delivering a sculpture (The Chosen One) to Deakin University for their Contemporary Small Sculpture Award exhibition ( see coming events page )

Back to the workshop…

Originally I intended to present this piece sitting on its side, but as it developed I realised that most of what was going on would have been underneath. So I made this stand to hang it from, the univeral joint allows it to pivot in all directions



After a litle while I decided that the brass arc was too dominant so I made a lighter one out of stainless steel instesd.




The one dimensional flat plane of the thing was dissapointing so I took the torch to it (like plasticine, said Belinda) and this more fluid stand was the result.