Trefor Prest Sculpture

the process of making my sculpture

Month: July, 2015

Distinguished Visitors

Geoff Bartlett and Augustine Dall’Ava, two sculptors I have known since the seventies dropped in for a visit last Saturday. I have always admired their work and their work ethic and it was  a real pleasure to spend a few hours with them.



Meanwhile, back at the workbench, something else is slowly beginning to emerge.Here we see the mould ( bottom ), the assembled “ribs” and the two pieces of copper whish have been formed around the mould.



Here one of the pieces is clamped to the mould and is being beaten around it.





Now the parts are temporarily assembled with hose clips. I wanted the knobs to have the feel of arthritic knuckles.


Finished again

I thought I had finished this one but I revisited the base ( it’s always the base!).The one inch spacer didn’t cut it so I added another hemisphere and tilted the axis. This is how it finished up.



I spent a fair bit of time working out this part, which will not be seen as it fits inside the globe.

IMG_2931    IMG_2936

Hopefully it really is finished this time