Trefor Prest Sculpture

the process of making my sculpture

Month: August, 2015

Froth and Bubble

Enough of this froth and bubblle – what’s happening in the shed? The new piece has been rather unforthcoming of late. I have followed a few lines of inquiry which have not gone as I had hoped. That is often the way things go with the Prest sculpture method. There are often dead ends which must be eliminated from my enquiries (to use the cop show parlance.) I suppose the aim is to acheive a state something like sleepwalking whilst awake. The trick is to discover the way the thing wants to come out and to help it on it’s way.

IMG_3076     IMG_3095

I have made a series of moulds to make a set of different sized shapes, some of which will find their way into this piece.Here they are.


As well as being used to hammer the shapes around I can press out the rough shapes with the fly press, as shown below.

IMG_3037_2   IMG_3060

Force of Destiny Opening

For all my disparaging comments on glittering events I actually went to one the other day. It was the premiere of the Paul Cox film “Force of Destiny” which opened the Melbourne International Film Festival. I hate to admit it, but it was a great night and such a pleasure to see some of the film people again. At last the film is released and it’s journey has begun. I will always be grateful for the way Paul emphasised with my work, taking my solid earthly things and translating them into his wonderfully etherial medium. It was elating to see my little creations on the big screen in front of thousands of people and gratifying to think that they contributed in a small way to the success of the film. Here are some shots from the big night.


Belinda and I with producer Maggie Miles and Paul Cox.


Dan Mitton (grip) and Jack Kenneally (gaffer), who graciouly overlooked my incompetence and gave me a glimpse into their arcane craft.


And of course Shahana Goswami,