A Difficult Question

Recently, I was asked what my work was about. A difficult question, because it’s not “about” anything. It’s not didactic, nor any kind of cultural comment. Each piece is a relic of a fragment of my life, in which I tried to coalesce my concerns at the time into solid, three dimensional form. Of necessity, my work processes result in something oblique and tacit, concerned with feelings and emotions rather than hard intellectual calculations. Seldom, if ever do I feel that I have succeeded in this Quest. It comes down to being the best I could do with the means and abilities at my disposal.

Back to the workbench – I think the current piece is nearing completion. This is how it was a few days ago. I am now working on the base, always a tricky technical and esthetic challenge.



The bare bones of it


This is how the hinged cage cover has ended up


This photo  shows the stages in the making of one of the six  shackles in this piece, from the rough block on the left to the finished part on the right.