Starting again

The whole process starts anew. Actually I began this one a few weeks ago but was a bit remiss with the photography and blogging.This photo shows the inner form which was developed from a remembered illustration of human ovaries. It is enfolded by two halves of a hinged copper shell. this will be enclosed in turn by a hinged brass ” ribcage”


This is how that ribcage is coming along. The photo shows the ribs which are being bent around a form which I made earlier. They are screwed to the form, then drilled, tapped, then screwed together.Then the ribs are heated and bent into position as in the photos below.




So now we end up with the two sides with the form in the middle. The one on the left is beginning to be refined by sanding, grinding, and fileing.


In the last photo I have made a jig to bolt down the form onto the milling machine table so I can cut slots for the hinges on one side, and what will be “lip” shaes on the other.


It occured to me when I happened to glance at an old sculpture on the shelf that I was making another verion of  that piece, and that in a way everything I have made has been basically the same thing. Maybe that relates to the old theory that there are only seven basic stories which have been retold and reinvented since storytelling began.