Trefor Prest Sculpture

the process of making my sculpture

Month: December, 2015

Batman’s cape

This series of photos follow the development of a part for the current piece. It takes the form of a hinged cover which shields one side of the ribcage, lifting up like batman’s cape as the cage opens.


I am holding the hinge assembly which will fit into a slot cut into the top of the cage by the milling machine using a bull nose cutter.


The hinge is screwed and silver brazed on to the cage and the cover attached to the hinge.


Now the cover has been drilled, in part to break up the dominance of the brass hinge plate.


Round inserts have been made and are being brazed into the holes.


The finished part. This is a device I have used on earlier pieces, usually hinged from the back. I like the way it functions as an anti – symmetry device, differentiating one side from the other, concealing, while drawing attention to the interior.

While the final assembly was going on I realised I would have to make some changes to the lower rib arms. Here is a photo of the assembled piece with me holding the old parts below.





Hinge drawing

This series of photos show the development of a ┬ápart of the current piece from a drawing ( which I don’t always do ) to it’s inclusion into the work itself



Milling the upper hinge body.( it’s just to the right of the cutting tool )


The lower hinge roughly assembled after milling


Completed parts for the upper hinge, they will be screwed together, then silver brazed.


The piece assembled on the bench. It will be taken apart and reassembled many more times before it’s done.