Delayed Action

Things have been quieter than usual in the workshop of late since I finished ‘Silk’.The  ‘Arts Open’ event interrupted my normal routine, although it was gratifying to have so many appreciative visitors. In addition I have been busy getting over a heart attack I had while competing in a mountain bike race in February. I had a stent put in  and soon recovered although I tired easily. I have recently had another two put in and have been told that I should soon get back to normal.

There have been some stirrings in the shed, albeit somewhat delayed. This series of photographs show the development taking place around a copper egg shape


Square brass 1/2″ bar has been bent around the copper ‘egg’, which has in turn been shaped around the steel mould or dolly.


Here the square bar has been refined and other shapes screwed on. Hinge parts are brazed on to the back “ribs’.


Now the ‘ribs ‘ themselves become a mould as a sheet of copper is heated and hammered around them.

Hopefully there will be a bit more noise from the shed as my insides recover.