Trefor Prest Sculpture

the process of making my sculpture

Month: May, 2016

The Works

This post covers the making of the mechanism to open and close this piece and follows some of the different versions it went through to reach the end result ( assuming this does turn out to be the way it ends up )


Working out the position of the main arm using a piece of card.


Another piece of card is used to work out the link between the main arm and the top half.


The link and arm are made and assembled in this photo, but I was not happy with the handle on the arm.


This shot shows the catch mechanism, the handle has also been changed,but it was still not quite right.



This is how it finished up, and I think I might leave it at that, for now at least.


The work in the shed progresses apace and apart from an injunction against lifting heavy weights, and the need for the occasional nap, not much has changed, thankfully. However my mountain bike riding has been severely curtailed for the time being.


The ‘under’ cage has been formed in a similar way to the upper cage shown in the last post.


The two halves are fitted together.


A bit further down the track, tubes are beginning to sprout.


Gradually getting more refined.


And opened wide; as yet there is no mechanism for opening or closing however.