Trefor Prest Sculpture

the process of making my sculpture

Month: September, 2016

The Promised Land

I have been working on a new piece for the last six weeks or so.It has been a bit slow to get off the ground, but now it’s starting to take off and I am (engaged) This is the most enjoyable part of the sculptural process.

How it works for me is that I start with an idea, just a vaugue possibility really. This stays in the head for a while until it bubbles over into the material world and I start making. This can be quite exciting but the euphoria soon fades as the technical difficulties arise and the compromises begin, leading to a period of struggle and doubt which can go on for some time.

But eventually ( and this is where I am now ) doubt and uncerttancy seem to evaporate and a new possibility seems within reach.This often unleashes a burst of energy which can bring the work to its conclusion.

Then, inevitably, there comes the realisation that it’s not quite what I had hoped it would be and that the promised land is still just out of reach.

But by then, hopefully, the next cycle has begun.





Holy baseplate

Here is the finished piece, and it has a name now – “These Days “

However, you will notice that the baseplate, with the holes drilled in it is made of steel. This seemed a bit leaden so I thought it would be better if it was made of brass, or copper. I did have a piece of brass plate but it was a nice large circle which I was a bit loath to cut up. I thought I would have a go at casting one, using scrap brass. The drawback with this idea was that my old furnace had just about reached it’s use by date, and while it could still handle aluminium, brass was asking too much. So I set about making a new one.

Here a suitable piece of pipe is being lined with refractory cement cast around a plastic bucket.

The lid is cast on the bench, inside a steel band with pvc pipe forming the exhaust hole. The finished furnace is on the right. I have cannibalised the lid lifting mechanism from the old furnace.

Since writing the above I have fired up the furnace but without success. I just can’t get enough heat out of my lpg burner. So I will need to make another one. But that won’t happen for a while because we are off to Sicily for three weeks.

We’re back from Sicily now, I wrote the above before we went but forgot to put it up.I have made the burner and it works well.


Here is the result – the brass baseplate.