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the process of making my sculpture

Month: October, 2016

Thoughts Have Wings


Last Saturday I attended the book launch of John McGlades book “Thoughts Have Wings,”published by Birdfish Books .

John is an old friend from way back and is something of a renaissance man. He is an artist, designer,and an intellectual as well as being a motorbike rider and an avid hang glider. And an all round good bloke to boot.

Since developing motor neurone disease he has completed his PHD (The Ephinomenal in Architecture and a Creative Sequence). He also began to write poetry, which brings us to “Thoughts Have Wings”.

I was quite gratified that he had included ” The Sculptor “, a poem that he had shown me some time ago. It is always revealing to see your work reflected in a different art form, a chance to see your work as others see it.


The photo shows John and myself, holding John’s daughter, Emmanuelle in 1995

Heat and Grunt



This is an example of the  reassessment and reworking that takes place as the work progresses. I made the “acorn” shape above, but when it was attached I realised that I had got the scale wrong


Here is mk2, smaller, and I have abandoned the ” acorn”. A little tongue has also appeared.

These photos show the davit  I am making to suspend the piece from. The one in the previous photos was a temporary one left over from something years ago. The main component is a stainless steel rod tapered and bent into shape around a cast iron wheel.This was also initially too big so  it was bent around two successively smaller wheels to get where it is now after much heat and grunt were expended.