Trefor Prest Sculpture

the process of making my sculpture

Month: January, 2017

Goodbye to the crutch


The time had come to make a start on the part which will suspend the piece. I suppose I had been putting this off, I had made a sort of crutch out of steel bar which I could hang it from, but I needed to finalise this crucial part.


This shows the main support bar being shaped using a tool I have made for just this purpose.


Here is a range of them I have made over the years.


The arm takes shape  and the support parts are clamped in place and adjusted.


the support arms are drilled through the bar on the milling machine.


This is how it came together.


Bending brass

This is where I have got to so far


The two forms have been joined and the large one seems to be gripping the neck of the smaller one


The two brass arms come together and will eventually flow into a thicker arm which will suspend the forms. At least that is the current plan.

Bending the arms was quite a tricky business, made harder by the fact that they are attached to hinges. This meant that they could not be bent in situ but had to be taken off, heated to red heat ,bent a little, cooled, then assembled again. This process was repeated many times and took the best part of a day to get into rough shape.