Trefor Prest Sculpture

the process of making my sculpture

Month: April, 2017

Horse and Cart

After the last disaster I had to start again with the so called trunk. This time I am using brass bar. First off I tapered the bar with the lathe, as shown below.


Next came many hours with the oxy torch and bending tools as shown in a previous blog. ( goodbye to the crutch, Jan 22 )


Here it has been installed after a few more bits have been welded on.


I am much happier with the way it is going now. This little setback has forced me to step back and rethink. Much as I hate to admit it, I was seduced by my new tool – the cart was getting in front of the horse.





Transformation ……*****!!!!


I have been working on a small piece for some time. This is how it started out, a length  of 8mm brass square bar heated and bent around a form.


More Bits of square bar are formed and added. I had a minor breakthrough in that the parts were TIG welded rather than being drilled, tapped, screwed then silver brazed as I would have done before I bought my new welding machine.IMG_0005

All was going well until I reached the stage shown below.IMG_0022

The copper “trunk” on the right was fabricated from eight separate copper pipe sections welded together., again with the new TIG welder. As I was grinding off the welds I realised that in places it was paper thin. So- a few days work work is transformed into scrap metal. The photo below shows the offending object.