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the process of making my sculpture

Month: June, 2017

Hose clips

This post covers the making of a part which will hopefully come together with the part in the last post. I am not quite sure how they will actually connect.

Here is the mould I am using for this part and the mould with copper beaten around it, secured with hose clips.

On the left nine pieces of brass rod have been bent to fit, clamped to half of the copper skin and welded together. At right a thinner piece of bar has been welded to one of the protruding rods and is gradually being bent into shape.


Here’s how it looked at the end of the day, welded up and filed into shape. Both halves of the copper skin are attached, once again with hose clips. What would I do without them!


Short Days of Winter

Here is the product of the last little while spent playing around in the shed.

On the left is the mould which was cut from a slab of 1″(25mm) thick steel. It is quite a complex shape and required a horrific amount of grinding, building up with weld metal, then grinding back again.

In the middle I have shaped some copper around the underside of the mould and attached a brass frame.

That blob on the right is a sheet of copper which has been shaped around the upper surface of the mould.


Below – The upper half of the copper skin has been attached and the edges of the two halves welded together and sanded smooth.