My First Post

This is my fist post on my new blog,I thought I would try to give some idea of the thoughts and processes that are involved in the making of my sculptures.A finished piece in an art gallery is all very well but the real joy for me lies in the daily practice of making things with my hands and when it goes well there is nowhere else I would rather be than than in my workshop.

To start with I’m going back fourty two years.

Broken Piece

broken parts after plating was removed

A sculpture I made in 1972 and acquired in 1973 by the Queen Victoria museum and Art Galler in Launceston has returned to my workshop at Strangways for repairs after being damaged sometime in the seventies and languishing in their storeroom since then. It was made from welded steel then nickel plated. The plating has aged nicely but the piece was knocked over by a pram (that was their story ) which bent the parts out of alignment and cracked a few joints.But now the plating has been stripped, the cracked parts broken off and the repair begins.I am surprised by how crudely constructed the piece is and must resist the temptation to improve.

repaired, replated, and reassembled – good as new