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A Little Story

IMG_0006  IMG_0012

Here it is, finished at last, and called “A Little Story” It’ s only a small thing, about 300mm high, but it’s had a difficult gestation.

Some of the parts I made but discarded are shown below


I had quite a struggle connecting it to the base. On the left a davit attaches to the top, whilst the right photo shows a midway mounting. Different swivel styles were also tried, but in the end I went for a simple rigid post mounting. There are no moving parts in this one at all.

IMG_0029       IMG_0014



This is where I have got to so far. The piece is so close to finished, and is named “Vesper”with connotations of evening, the evening star, and thoughts of the approaching end to life.

The base has been refined, the base plate cast from copper, melted down offcuts. I have abandoned the fairings from the “feet.” There is an articulated arm which hooks on to a knob and is held in place with a catch and the photo below shows the catch undone and the arm unhooked


Earlier I spoke of disappointment, a feeling of  emptiness when the urgent rush of optimism is spent and the finished work is there, naked and exposed with its shortcomings plain to see. Things that are unresolved and also things that turned out well in ways I could not have planned. I have to leave it as it is, I have done the best I could with the means and skills at my disposal and it must begin its own journey.

But now there is an idea for the next one. It’s something I have been skirting around for years so it is familiar in a way. But ideas are cheap and don’t always survive the switch to reality. Particularly so given the plodding nature of my work habits.

Mixed Feelings

The current piece is finished. This photo shows the milling of the base block halfway through, one of the last jobs on this one. Now it can go to the finished work page. Am I pleased with the way it has turned out? Yes and no. I would have hoped it would be more intergrated, but on the other hand I am quite pleased with the base and glad that I rejected some of the earlier versions.


The parts of the base, with an aluminium base plate which was later discarded.


This is how it has finished up, and it has a name – “Throat”

IMG_3252_2                                                                                                                                                                                       IMG_3276


Here it is, finished. Although I might put in a part I have made which lifts the brass dome about an inch.


It’s got a name now,”Easy”

The Wedge


Here are the two completed works as promised last time. I say completed but only relatively so. I’m still fiddling around with the way they actually connect with the surface. It’s the age old problem in sculpture –  the base. In the past I have tried to deal with this in various ways. Some earlier works were suspended from some kind of davit, while others were placed on a hemisphere, each with varying degrees of success. I did think I had bypassed this with these two and that they would just sit there, but they proved to be too  unstable. You can see a bit of brass wedging the front of The Real One.

The Chosen one

The Chosen one

The Real One

The Real One

Here’s a shot of what might be the solution as far as The Real One goes.