Hopes and Material


Here is the result of the last few days work in the shed. The photos below show how I made the two swivel pieces on the ends – The larger, central horseshoe piece was made in a similar way.


Most of the work up to this stage has been done on the milling machine. I started with a block cut from a brass bar.


The block has had a 1″ wide slot cut to accept the 1″ wide pin which will fit into it


I have now drilled the block to accept the pivot pin attachment shaft. This is the sort of operation which would have been quite tricky for me in years gone by but with the mill a high degree of accuracy is possible.


The outer shape of the part is produced on the lathe after shaping the cut away with a belt and disc sander.


The pivot pin is turned from a length of 1″ bar which I have drilled for the attachment bar and right through the middle for the pin attachment screw.

new part


This is the assembled part. The one on the other side was made the same way.

The assembly I have made will I hope be the connection point for several elements in a sculpture which is developing. I have little more than a vague idea of how it might turn out, an aspiration rather than a plan. At this stage everything is up in the air and subject to the interaction between the hopes and the material.