Paul Cox Film

filming sculpture

filming sculpture

Ian squintsfilming in workshop

Paul Cox directs David Wenham

Paul Cox directs David Wenham,watched by cinematographer Ian Jones and focus puller Geoff Skilbeck

Last week Belinda and I went to a special preview of Paul Cox’s film “Force of Destiny”at the Austin Hospital. This was the culmination of a process which has been going on since 2011, when Paul first visited my workshop, looking for a location for his film ” Force of Destiny”.

The film , starring David Wenham and Shahana Goswami is about creativity, love and human kindness. It follows  sculptor  Robert’s journey through liver cancer to a life saving liver transplant., and is inspired by the directors own experience .

Last february the film crew descended on my workshop and for a week creative chaos reigned. I was asked not to change anything or tidy up so the crew had to work around my metal jungle and contend with cobwebs and dust.

I found it hard to imagine what the end result would look like, so when we saw the film it came as a surprise. I was quite moved to see my work so sensitively portrayed and transformed into another, quite magical medium. We were

Paul Cox confers with David Wenham

Paul Cox confers with David Wenham

left with many wonderful memories of the week the film crew spent with us and the further seven days we spent employed by the production; Belinda as unit manager and myself as best boy.


The film has now been released. Screening times and locations can be found at –